Core competencies are the qualities and capabilities that an organization values as critical to its success. Defining your organization's core competencies is the best practice for an outstanding interview process, as it helps all interviewers focus on the right qualities that will lead to a successful new teammate.

In Luma, Core Competencies show up everywhere. This article will help you understand how to set them up and where to look for them throughout the process.

Setting Up Core Competencies

To edit your organization's core competencies, click on your avatar in the top right corner and navigate to Settings.

The purple competencies are selected, which means that Luma will automatically create highlights from your interviews based on those competencies. You can also add your own custom core competencies.

To edit core competencies, you'll need to be an admin in Luma. Reach out to if you do not have the proper access.

Pre-Interview Email

You'll see your organization's competencies appear in the pre-interview email next. In the email the interviewer receives prior to their interview, they'll see which competencies have been covered so far and which still need to be covered. This helps the interview team understand where to focus in their interview, ensuring all competencies are covered by the end of the process.

A competency is considered "covered" if Luma or someone on your team created a highlight related to that competency.

Viewing and Creating Highlights

Luma will automatically create highlights based on your organization's competencies and name them accordingly. Look for these highlights on the interview page in Luma.

You can also assign competencies to highlights that you create in Luma. Simply add Core Competencies when creating or editing a highlight. Doing so will mark the competency as covered for that candidate.

Candidate Page

Finally, check out the candidate page at any time to see what competencies have been covered for that candidate so far.

As always, our team at Luma is happy to help you identify the competencies right for your team! Please reach out to us at for help.

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