Highlights are clips of recorded interviews, but more importantly, they're data. They show the candidate speaking for themselves, and by sharing highlights we can build on each interviewer's knowledge of the candidate, leading to better questions and more informed decisions.

Creating Highlights

After an interview, Luma will automatically and intelligently create highlights based on your organization's core competencies. But you may want to share a different part of the interview, such as the candidate explaining their background, or a particularly good question they asked.

To do so, navigate to Luma and then to the interview page. You can get there by going to Candidates and then clicking on the interview, or by going to Interviews and then Completed. Or, follow the link in your recap email.

Once on the interview, click Create Highlight. You'll notice brackets appear on the interview timeline. Drag them to select the portion of the interview you'd like to highlight.

Then, choose a name and select any core competencies that are covered in the highlight. By selecting competencies, they'll be marked as covered for future interviewers.

Click Save, or Save and Share to share the highlight with teammates.

Sharing Highlights

On the interview page, select one or more highlights to share with teammates, then click Share Highlights.

From here, you can add collaborators to share the highlight with members of your team. You can also add a note. The new collaborator(s) will receive the highlights and your note in an email.

If sharing outside of your organization, then click Copy Link in the Get Link section. That link is now copied to your clipboard and can be shared with anyone publicly.

For any trouble creating and sharing highlights, please reach out to our team at support@lumateams.com.

Happy interviewing!

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